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I work for a law firm that specializes in real estate finance. Our main focus is document preparation for mortgage loans. I have broad experience in most aspects of the industry. My focus is in regulatory compliance, tracking, implementing and training in state and federal laws. Currently I am serving as an Operations Manager, managing the daily production of the services we offer.

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I am a miniatures enthusiast. I have been playing and collecting since 1976, when figures were cast in lead. Hence the handle, leadjunkie. I am a 25/28mm snob. My collections cover historical, fantasy & sci-fi. My historical armies are; Philistine, Greek, Macedonian (and most successor states), Classical Indian, Celtic, Carthaginian, Imperial Roman, Viking, a smattering of late medieval, English Civil War, a large representation of American and British from the American War for Independence, a few units of Russians and Swedes for the Napoleonic Wars, Skirmish units representing all the major colonial and native powers of the Victorian/Edwardian era, World War II French (20mm/1/72nd scale) and 1/1200th scale navies - late 1800s British and French and WWII Russians. I have a fair amount of metal fantasy miniatures for roleplay and skirmish games. I jumped on the DDM bandwagon and have at least one of every miniature they have made through the Against the Giants set. Having little interest in 4e, I have switched to collecting only singles that interest me. I have an assortment of 25mm sci-figures, the odd scale (sort of 20mm) McEwen Star Guard figures and 1/1200th (ish) Star Fleet Wars space ships. I've recently started collecting some of the WoTC Star Wars miniatures for use in the Star Wars Saga Edition RPG.

I have been playing D&D since 1976. I started with the original (wood grain) box set playing in Judge Guild's First Fantasy Campaign (Blackmoor), by Dave Arneson. I quickly started Judging my own campaign becoming a Judges Guild fan running Wilderlands campaigns that go on to this day. I am a serious Judges Guild collector and a proud member the Acaeum's Judge's Guild Valuation Board. I briefly played the Holmes Basic Set, but quickly moved on to AD&D where I introduced my younger brothers and a group of friends to the game. Most of us still game together today. I had a brief interlude with 2e AD&D, but dropped out of the hobby for a while. I returned late in the 3e run, switching over to 3.5 when I was bitten by the RPG bug again.

I also enjoy board games and strategy & RPG computer games. I suck at first person shooter games. By contrast, paintball gives me the opportunity to put my tactics to the test under real world conditions. It's good exercise and great fun.

My "Example" Friends (see below) are people that I am on-line gaming with or with whom I am colaberating with in other on-line RPG activities.

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